Top 8 India Travel & Experiences Bucket-list 2021

Isn't this a perfect time to sit back and revisit the travel bucket-list or make a completely awesome, new one? With all the lovely places making the rounds on the gram, here is a little something to help you decide what could go onto your coveted list. Also, we are all for experiences over mere destination-counting, so we have enlisted one star-experience to indulge in at each of the listed destinations. Hear from some lovely travel influencers and get your essential dose of #travelinspo. So without further ado, take out your diaries/planners and take notes. If you want a dedicated bucket list printable, we have a free pdf you could download, print, and use. Find it here. Now, let's dive right in.

1. Suyash Mohan suggests Rann Of Kutch, GJ

Suyash is a professional photographer-videoghrapher and loves to hit the roads for those long bike rides across the nation as frequently as he can.

Suyash with his bike at Rann of Kutch in Gujarat

Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat, India

  • About the region: Located in Gujarat the vast expanse of land that extends across the borders of India and its nosey neighbor, this is actually a very popular destination and a traveler’s paradise.

  • What's so special?: Every year Gujarat Tourism organizes the Rann Utsav - a 4-month festival from October to February to experience the beauty of the places nearby, the culture, and to experience the authentic Gujarati and Kutchi hospitality at the Tent City in Dhordo.

  • Recommendations: The White Rann is probably the most amazing landscape that you’ll ever see in India. A flat, never-ending sea of white salt, that is best experienced in the morning or in the evening (the afternoon sun will kill you). The tourism package also includes trips to nearby locations like Kalo Dungar and the beach town of Mandvi.

  • Getting there: The easiest way to approach - Book your accommodations online. Take a Flight/train to Bhuj, Gujarat and the festival provides transit to and from the airport or station to the Tent City. Once you reach the tent city and check-in, you are well taken care of. The tents are spacious and have attached bathrooms. All meals are served in the Food halls and the food is simple yet amazing. Option no. 2 is to follow my way of a road trip. On New Year’s Day in 2018, I took the long way from Mumbai by riding on a motorcycle to the Festival with a buddy. There were two reasons for it: 1) New Year’s parties are overrated as hell and 2) 2nd Jan was a Full moon night and It’s a perfect time to be on the Rann. It took us two days to get there, but every second of the ride was worth it. I strongly suggest that you take the road as, except for a small patch, the roads are a dream to ride on.

  • Star Experience to not miss: The display of folk and culture that helps one experience the essence of the state first hand and up-close.

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2. Our Travel Palette | Namita & Vaibhav suggest Mandu / Mandavgadh, MP

Namita & Vaibhav are slow-travel experts and paint a lovely picture of their journeys through their brilliant photography and vivid stories.

Namita is gazing at the marvellous architecture at Mandu in Madhya Pradesh

Mandu / Mandavgadh, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • About the region: We keep scouting for places which are rich in history and culture and this was a must-visit. Vaibhav's home being in Bhopal, we planned a 3-day visit here during our stay in Bhopal. Mandu or Mandavgadh is an ancient city located in Madhya Pradesh, India.

  • What's so special?: This city was a flourishing one in the 10th and 11th century however it lost its glory to time. The city has witnessed a change of hands starting from Jayavarman II and followed by Hoshang Shah, Bahadur Shah, Humayun, Akbar, and finally the mighty Peshwa Bajirao I. Due to the change of rulers, the mix of Hindu and Islamic style architecture is worth noting. The Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace), Hindola Mahal, Baz Bahadur Palace, Roopmati Pavillion, and Jami Masjid are some of the key spots to explore. We explored the place for a good 3 days however, if you intend to cover only the key spots you can even do a weekend trip.

  • Recommendations: At historical places always opt for a guide as they literally walk you through the pages of history, narrating some beautiful stories and myths associated with the place.

  • Getting there: Mandu is around 275 km away from MP's capital city Bhopal, and the drive from Bhopal to Mandu is around 5 hours.

  • Star Experience to not miss: The spectacular mix of Hindu and Islamic style architecture and the structures of various mahals that would take you back in time.

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3. Shreakosphere | Shreya & Akshay suggest Spiti Valley, HP

#ShreAk, as they call themselves, are a travel-couple who share their experiences through Instagram and also other blogging platforms. They are currently based in Canada and keep sharing gems from their travels from everywhere.

Shreya and Akshay are posing against a lovely backdrop of colorful flags in Spiti Valley, HP

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

  • About the region: Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the north-eastern part of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” means “The Middle Land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India. The best time to visit Spiti is in August and September. Please plan your trip in advance so that you get some good discounts on travel!

  • What's so special?: The experience is nothing less than surr