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About Bhal & Zenia

We are a crazy couple, immensely in love with each other, and travel, and food in that order ;)

A bit of a background

Bzee Travel Lovers in Goa

There is hardly a soul in this world who wouldn't jump at the opportunity of travel. Having said that, it's excruciatingly difficult to do so while managing your daily jobs, family, finances, and the list goes on. A travel opportunity is always weighed in terms of these elements.


Coming from basic middle-class families and being the sole earners in our respective families, traveling to exotic places seemed a far-fetched dream. Never did we, as individuals, ever go on solo trips or even think about travel blogging.



Things changed on our first trip together. We realized that traveling is one liberating activity that allowed us to be ourselves with each other without any interference from the outside world. We, as personalities, are very opposite in nature (a strong case for opposites attract) But our traveling choices and patterns were in pure tandem. That first trip is when we decided and promised each other a lifetime of travel adventures, no matter how busy we become.


To travel is the only Dream
Cliff views at Cabo De Rama Fort

The Experience

So for us, traveling has never been about how exotic the location or the stay. It's rather more about the experiences we would come across in the entire journey and the value our travels would provide to our otherwise mundane lives. So, we started little by little, one trip at a time. Trying to save for some planned trips and ending up at some locations spontaneously, when time and money both permitted.


The purpose of BZee Travel Lovers

Our travels started showing up on our profiles on Facebook and Instagram. What followed was people (often our relatives and friends) coming up and asking us, "How do you travel so much?" "Who gives you so many leaves?" "Wish I could travel as much as you guys." We would then explain each one of them how it's not that big a deal or that we take short trips on weekends so leaves are not an issue. We were only taking out time for what we loved while managing our busy schedules. This was the turning point and the need was created. 

We felt we need to put our travel stories out there so that we could inspire people like us. It's so important that people take out time to de-stress and rejuvenate and love travel. Travel need not be expensive always and it definitely doesn't need a lot of advance planning. Ours is a small step to show you how we do it!


And yes the name - BZee(busy) Travel Lovers just felt right as we want to represent you guys, your busy schedules, and our mutual love for travel. We only personalized the name a bit with our initials :) 

Goa diaries

You can write to us for any details, contact numbers of persons, hotels, etc. which we mention on our journeys. We are happy to help always :)


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