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Where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet Garh is the answer

While we are mostly #budgettravelers, we love to occasionally indulge once in a while and plan luxury stays. The best #luxurystay so far has been at a Royal Palace in Jodhpur - Rohet Garh. Tucked away from the bustling city in a remote village, Rohet, Jodhpur, this place is half a palace and half a hotel. A part of the palace has been converted into a luxury stay and the Royal family has been happily welcoming guests here for many years.

where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh


The rooms here are pure Royal Suites! At the entrance of our room, there was a gorgeous hand-painted wall. Past that, the room opened onto a spacious living area, complete with a work desk, an ornate sitting area by the window, and a tea-table. The other side was flanked by a plush four-poster bed furnished with the best linen. The bathroom, so huge and aesthetic, complete with a full mirror and all essentials. When we were wondering where to stay in Jodhpur, little did we know it would be so royal!

wall mural inside the room at Rohet Garh
bedroom at Rohet garh
where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh

The Property

Guests have access to almost the entire property except, of course, the place where the Royal Family lives. But one can wander all around the massive courtyards where you can meet peacocks rambling or head to the poolside to relax and soak the sun. Guests can also enjoy the extensive collection of books of varied genres in the royal library or spend some quality time on the terrace overlooking the lake. Every corner of this property exudes royalty and calm.

poolside at Rohet Garh
where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh


Experience the authentic Marwar cuisine at Rohet Garh. The restaurant boasts of a specially curated menu and includes delicacies like the traditionally cooked #LaalMass We were in for a treat from day one of being here. The gala dinner on one night just blew us over with so much on the buffet but so little space in our stomachs haha. Our stomachs were full, but our hearts wanted more of that delish, royal food!

food at Rohet Garh

Bonus Experiences

Staying at this luxurious property is more worth it for the carefully curated experiences they offer all their guests. We were treated to live folk music in the evenings, a local magic show at night, an adventurous safari, and a village tour. The experiences of these activities still stay etched in our hearts.

1. Folk Music

We had the opportunity to listen to authentic Rajasthani folk music, live, for the first time in our lives, and the experience couldn't have been any better than this. With a bonfire to keep us warm, the company of some amazing co-guests, the tunes, vocals, and rhythm of this trio made our evening so so special. We still remember the trance we went into when they sang the popular Rajasthani Folk song 'Padharo Mhare Des'. Simply ethereal!

cultural experiences at Rohet Garh

2. Magic Show

A superhit not just with the kids, but the adults alike! The show was so refreshing, and it took us back in time when we were kids and nagged our parents to take us to a magic show. The presenter was an ace in his craft and the show was truly magical.

magic show at Rohet Garh

3. Bishnoi Village Tour

Words fall short when we have to describe this experience. We felt truly blessed to discover the Bishnoi community and were simply amazed by the love they have for nature. They characterize minimalist living to the tee. There is so much to learn from this community in terms of how one should be driven towards protecting one's surroundings and natural habitat. This is the same community that fought valiantly against a big actor for killing a Black Buck in their backyard.

where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh

4. Black Buck Safari

The most exciting part was spotting the rare Black Buck who protects the herd but is rarely ever to be seen. He is usually resting away from the herd, but in close proximity so that if he senses any danger, he can come to their aid. It was so thrilling to watch these animals go about their daily routines, from up close. Also, the ride to-and-fro in the 4x4 was a grand experience. Our tour guide, Mr. Balchand was a retired school principal and shared such nail-biting stories from the village as well as the jungle. We thoroughly enjoyed this little tour.

where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh

Mihir Garh

We also have to make a special mention to the sister property of Rohet Garh, named #MihirGarh This is a five-star palace stay build from scratch by the King and Queen of Rohet by using locally sourced raw materials. This is a dream property, and we had the wonderful chance of visiting the same. Overlooking the mighty Thar, this desert palace exemplifies true royalty! We also had the lucky chance of meeting the oldest Marwar horse here, and he was truly, truly handsome. Just what the Marwar breed of horses is popular for! We wish to visit this place someday for a lengthy stay to relax and rejuvenate.

where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh

Verdict on where to stay in Jodhpur?

where to stay in Jodhpur? Rohet garh

Now you know why you don't need to go looking for where to stay in Jodhpur when planning a trip to the blue city. Don't think twice before booking a few nights at this serene property. We vouch you would find a lot more value than what you pay for the experiences you will have here are going to stay with you for a lifetime. #BZeeApprove :)

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