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Amreena Homestay: An ideal getaway near Mumbai

We were searching for some place to bring in our 4th Anniversary. Being back from a trip to Kerala, we weren't keen on traveling far so soon. So we decided on looking for places close to our city. A bunch of hunting later, we chanced upon this quaint property near Karjat, Maharashtra, just about 2 hours away from Mumbai. The place is Amreena Farmhouse.

Amreena farmhouse
Entrance to your weekend stress-buster

Built with love by the owners Ameya & Reena Naik, they describe this place as a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. And it undoubtedly is! A beautiful farmhouse with ample lawn space, enclosed in a high-rise compound to give you the utmost privacy. Couple this with tastefully decorated interiors with personal touches by the owner Reena herself, who is an artist. Every corner welcomes you with open arms.

By the day and by the night

Amreena farmhouse
Same property, different times of the day

The whole property is charming and pretty by the day. You can sit on the verandah and gaze endlessly at the mountains in front of you. But that's not it. As the sun goes down, the place comes to life with ornate lights gracing the entire space. You could ask them to arrange a barbeque, bonfire, etc. and they would happily oblige.

Our 4th Anniversary celebrations

The point of contact in the village is a local college-going handsome, Vaibhav. He will keep you at ease, make sure all your requests are completed, and make you feel at home. When he realized it was our anniversary, he conveyed the same to the owners, and they collectively did the sweetest gesture ever. They got us a cake and ensured we had a lovely time on our special day. We are ever so grateful for their lovely gesture and hospitality.

Amreena farmhouse
BZee celebrating 4 years of marriage

Last but not the least, Vaibhav's family dished out super amazing home-cooked meals for all the days. Right from the morning breakfast of Poha or Omelet, to the tiffin lunches, dinners, and evening teas, we were left licking our fingers every single time. The food is as authentic as it can get and super fresh, made exclusively for the guests.


Accommodation at Amreena farmhouse
Such cozy spaces

The farmhouse consists of a kitchen, a dining area, a toilet-cum-bathroom, and a bedroom (with AC) which can accommodate up to 6-8 people. If you are a group larger than that, they also have a tent stay option, where they put up tents on their lawns and you could have a lovely time under the stars. There are extra toilets and bathrooms built exclusively for such stays on the property itself. The whole place is super clean and feels super fresh at any given time.


Food at Amreena farmhouse
Simple and delicious local food

Enjoy home-cooked preparations made of organic vegetables (the ones grown in their own farms), chicken masala, slow-cooked mutton, etc. as per your liking. All meals are included in the tariff, which was a huge plus. Certain extras like fish may be charged extra, so do check about the same. Food is delicious and homemade with lots of love, on mud chulhas.

Activities to enjoy

There are so many things to do in and around the property that you'll be left spoilt for choices. Here are some of them that we enjoyed and recommend much!

  • Enjoy indoor/outdoor games with your loved ones

Activities at Amreena farmhouse
"Dhal gaya din, ho gayi shaam"
  • Take a stroll in the picturesque village and get some insta-worthy photos

Activities at Amreena farmhouse
"Country roads, take me home"
  • Hike up to the Palasdhari Dam situated just a 10-min walk away

Activities at Amreena farmhouse
Scenic views at Palasdhari Dam
  • Just laze around on the beautifully maintained lawn

Activities at Amreena farmhouse
Lazy much?
  • Reconnect. Rejuvenate. Restore.

Activities at Amreena farmhouse
The joy of discovering a hidden gem :)

Verdict - #BZeeApprove

Head here to get away from the city clamor and enjoy a peaceful time with your loved ones.

They also give out this place for photoshoots, video shoots, commercials, etc. so the property is a very good-looking one. Also, keep an eye for events like jamming sessions that happen here regularly and are hosted by the owner, Ameya, who is a professional music artist. This one's surely a great option for heading out of the city for a weekend or a few days and enjoy some time off!

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