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Highlands BnB Coorg: A home away from home

A home where chirping birds wake you up just in time to catch a glorious sunrise over the vast estate every single day, who wouldn't want that? Well, this was just one of the many wonderful aspects of staying at Highlands BnB in Coorg, the homestay we chose for our trip here. Here are some of the most lovely experiences we came across in this humble abode in Coorg.

Coorg : Scotland of India
All roads lead to home(stay)

The roads leading to Highlands BnB Homestay are so so pretty with twists and turns and high trees all around. When we reached the location, we were awed by the wonderful home in front of us. The pictures online didn't do justice to the property. Moreover, it felt like home the instant we stepped inside. The host, Rekha Aunty, received us with a warm welcome and showed us to our room and all the other access areas.

The Property

Estate stay in Coorg
The humble abode: Highlands BnB Coorg
Estate stay in Coorg
Beautiful inside out

The sprawling home has a huge king bedroom reserved for guests, on the first floor. The room comes equipped with a king bed, wifi, and massive wardrobe space for your bags, clothes, accessories, etc. The bathroom is just beside the room. Outside the room, there is space for reading, or playing board games, etc. This space further opens up to a grand balcony. We spent most of our time here overlooking the massive estate and soaking in all the lush green. We had our first cup of the famous 'filter coffee' that Coorg is so famous for, right here amidst nature. We also admired the moon rising above the estate at nights from the balcony.

The Food

After being out for some hours on our first day, we returned to a lively home. The kitchen was swelling up with fragrant wafts :) We knew we were in for a treat. We quickly freshened up and joined aunty in the kitchen to see what was in store for us. There we saw her daughter, who was diligently helping aunty with her chores. We chatted for a bit and then returned to the main dining area where home-made wine was waiting for us. We had the banana wine and were asked to accompany it with the dry mutton roast prepared exclusively for us! Divine :) After that, we relished mutton curry with rice balls, a typical Coorgi dish, and ended with a coconut dessert. It was a great first day!

Food in Coorg
Authentic Coorgi Cuisine

The next day, we woke up to a familiar fragrance, that put an instant smile on our faces. We were ready in no time to go get that breakfast of Dosa & Chutney our all-time favourite! When we left for our sightseeing on day 2, we were already waiting for that night's dinner. Again, after a day full of long drives in and around Coorg, we were welcomed for another round of delicious preparations. This time we had the gooseberry wine to go with the chicken pakoras and later chicken curry and rice rotis. The food was not just yummy but was also served with so much love that it made it all the more amazing. When you are here, you cannot miss the food cooked by Rekha Aunty.

Estate tour

We were to leave the next day, but how could we go before seeing the estate that surrounded their home. We woke up early to catch the sunrise. It was a beautiful sight! Later we freshened up, had a quick brekkie of Egg Bhurji and Rotis, and then began the tour we were so excited for, from the first day itself.

Coorg estate stay
Sunrise over the estate

Rekha Aunty took us around showing us the various coffee plants. Unfortunately, we had reached there just after the coffee harvest season, but she explained to us how the process is done. It is an entire year full of hard work that yields them benefits once a year! Other than coffee, the estate also had pepper and other spices plantation which is also a source of income for them. Along with coffee and spices, they have also cultivated so many fruit plants, vegetables, and flowers, that the whole estate is so inviting at all times. We were totally drawn to it and also brought back a few bird eye chilies to plant back home.

Estate tour in Coorg
A tour to remember
Estate tour in Coorg
The mighty estate at a glance

The owners also take care of a Jersey Cow, and a german shepherd pair Johny and Julie. The property in and out was like a dream home for us. Living amidst so much greenery is quite unique to city dwellers like us. We loved every bit of it so much so we can return in a heartbeat. We also brought back coffee powder, spices, and homemade wines which we still relish from the comfort of our home.

Estate stay in Coorg
We met some new friends :)

Some tips-

  1. Do have your own vehicle, as the place is a bit away from the main market area. (Don't let that deter you, as you will thank your stars for staying away from the noise, yet close enough to be accessible in mere 10 mins) You can hire from Royal Brother Rentals, just like we did.

  2. Keep the house clean as you would keep yours. You may be paying for your stay, but remember this isn't a hotel with a huge staff. Also, it is basic decency.

  3. Be respectful of people and their sentiments and that will be reciprocated 10 folds

  4. Do support their small business by taking back coffee, spices, etc. from such homestays rather than buying from market place shops. Here you know it is authentic and you can keep ordering from them if needed again. Yes, they will courier if you order in bulk. If you need to order, let us know and we'll be happy to put you in touch with them.

Estate stay in Coorg
One with our host: Rekha Aunty

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Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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