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5 Creative Ideas To Preserve Your Travel Memories

These are times when you are thinking about your past travels. You might be sad about being at home and not being able to travel. But don't be. We have come up with some creative ideas to cheer you up and at the same time help you make the most of your past travel memories. Here are the top 5 creative ideas to help you preserve your travel memories effectively. These ideas will also prove to be therapeutic, so win-win :)

creative ideas for travel memories

1. Make a travel wall

A place for all your travel souvenirs. Think further than just your fridge or cupboard. We used a side of a table in our room and created our travel wall. It consists of some pictures, postcards, our travel bucket list, and so many souvenirs which keep reminding us of our past travel memories. Instant mood lifter!

Travel wall travel souvenirs travel pictures travel postcards

2. Start a travel journal/blog

This is an old idea we agree, but nothing is more fulfilling than jotting down your travel escapes, some happenings, some mishappenings, some truly magical experiences! It becomes like a bag of happiness, guaranteed smiles once opened. You may maintain a book as a journal or even make use of the many digital platforms to do so!

How to make a Travel Journal DIY

This is our travel journal. We use it to maintain all the nitty-gritty details and our travel plans. These can be personalized with paintings, pictures, DIY crafts, etc. We got this as a gift from our dear friend and she ordered it from @horcruxartist who does a fine job. She used this picture of ours and painted it on the cover with such cute details around. We loved it!

3. Calendar with travel memories or travel bucket list

We do this every year. We select 12 best pictures of the year and get a calendar printed with our own pictures. While we make newer memories every year, we keep revisiting past travels every new month when we change the calendar page. It is a beautiful feeling.

Travel calendar pictures travel pics

We got ours from Zoomin. The best part is, these days you can choose the start month for the calendar, so no need to wait until December or January to order your calendar! Over the years, we have tried wall calendars, desktop calendars, mini calendars and so on. Once the year is over, you can cut those pictures and use them in your travel journal too!

4. Make a shadow box or memory box for each of your travels

This one may take a little effort but the end result is stunning no doubt. Collect all the nitty things from your travels- pictures, tickets, boarding pass, souvenirs, maps, city guides, etc. and put them all in glass framed box or wooden box. You can keep them hidden or show them off as decorative pieces in your home. You'll have a fun project to look forward to after every travel and a beautiful keepsake of every travel.

Shadow box travel memory box

5. Print travel pictures to decorate your room

As much as printing pictures may seem yesteryear, believe us when we say you need to try it in this digital age. We love getting our pictures printed. They bring an instant smile to our face. Also getting them printed isn't that costly these days. Zoomin is one place we run to for all our photo printing needs. Not only do they print pictures in super-fine quality, but their packaging is also great and delivery is always on or before time. We have been a loyal customer since 2014 and have never had a single issue. They also have options like printing a photo-book, metal prints, collages, personalized magnets, decorative items and so much more. So in case you wanna try, go for these super cute photo prints. Here are some ideas we have fulfilled with our prints that you may try too.

Decorate the walls with pictures making various shapes

We have tried this heart-shaped collage and loved how it looks :) You could try different shapes, quotes, etc. and make something that can give your wall an instant lift.

Wall decor heart shape wall decor

DIY Photo Frames

Use leftover cardboard pieces or small twigs like these and make a frame for the printed photos. These are so easy to make and give a nice rustic vibe to the room. Also, they make the pictures stand out so nicely :) Hang them on the walls or make them stand on the side-table.

DIY photo frames

Statement Wall pieces

Travel pictures make such beautiful wall pieces. Keep on reinventing and you can keep giving the room a new look every now and then.

wall piece wall hanging travel pictures
wall piece wall hanging travel pictures

Make a Map collage (eg: India, pictures with states visited)

We travel in India and this map is like a ticking list. You could get a World map and follow a similar method. Put it at the centre of your travel wall. Do whatever that suits your liking, the outcome is surely going to be awesome.

Map collage india map collage

Need More Ideas?

For more ideas, just head to our Pinterest board and you'll have a burst of ideas to choose from. Do comment and let us know which of these ideas are you going to try at home? And when you do, don't forget to send us pictures so that we can share them on our Instagram. Let's inspire and uplift all the sad travellers at home with these fun, creative ideas :)

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I loved the idea about making memory Calendar, will definitely try. And also I will try to finish my travel wall asap. Loved the post.

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