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The Glorious Essence of Indian Handicraft

A journey to discover India's rich art and culture with Itokri

As frequent travellers, one thing we've often noticed throughout India is the diversity in traditions, cultures, arts and crafts of different regions. We've also been so fascinated with how the spirit of a place is intricately woven into the fabrics of its local crafts and traditions. The art forms are unique to their respective regions and loved by all. However, it's not always that one finds time to discover these when visiting a place. The itineraries these days have mainly only sightseeing places and minuscule immersion in the region's arts and crafts for the tourist. Therefore, we tend to miss knowing the beautiful techniques of Indian handicrafts let alone purchasing them.

Indian Handicraft
My choice of Indian Handicraft products from Itokri

In this kaleidoscope of India's cultural diversity, where every region unfolds a unique story, the brand Itokri stands as a digital gateway to the rich offerings of Indian handicrafts and handloom products. We were surprised to find some of India’s exclusive handmade crafts, textiles, jewellery, paintings, and more on their site. Join us as we explore Indian handicrafts and handloom through Itokri.

Indian Handicraft Showcase on Itokri

Indian handicraft
Head to toe in Indian textiles & handicrafts from

Itokri is not just a marketplace; it's a celebration of India's artistic heritage. As you navigate through the website, you'll find an exquisite array of products handcrafted using various traditional techniques from different corners of India. From the vibrant Phulkari embroidery of Punjab to the intricate Madhubani paintings of Bihar, each product narrates a tale of skilled artisans and centuries-old craftsmanship. Sourcing from around 10,000 skilled artisans across the country, this platform boasts over 100,000 curated listings, making it the largest online hub for Indian handicrafts and art. With a commitment to freshness, the portal introduces 500+ new products daily, ensuring a constantly evolving showcase of creativity and tradition.

Exploring Indian Handicraft and Craftsmanship with Itokri

Here are some of the most prominent art techniques that make the products on this platform irresistible.

  • Phulkari Embroidery: Phulkari, which translates to "flower work," originates from the fertile lands of Punjab. As you explore the intricate Phulkari products on Itokri, you'll definitely reminisce about the lush green fields and warm hospitality that define Punjab. The vivid colours and bold patterns of Phulkari reflect the zest for life that resonates across the state.

  • Madhubani Paintings: Travelling to Bihar, the birthplace of Madhubani paintings, is like stepping into a living canvas. These vibrant paintings often depict scenes from mythology and everyday life. Itokri's collection of Madhubani-inspired products can transport you back to the narrow lanes of Madhubani, where walls come alive with tales of tradition.

Indian handicraft: Madhubani handpainted bookmark
Madhubani Handpainted Bookmark
  • Kantha Stitch: The rhythmic beats of West Bengal find expression in Kantha stitching. Itokri showcases a beautiful array of Kantha-stitched products, each telling a silent tale of the artisan's skill and the cultural richness of Bengal. It's a reminder of the languid boat rides on the Ganges and the poetic charm of Kolkata's streets.

  • Pattachitra Art: Odisha's Pattachitra art, characterized by intricate detailing and mythological themes, unfolds like a visual symphony. Itokri's Pattachitra-inspired offerings bring forth the magic of Odisha, where every stroke narrates a story. It's like revisiting the ancient temples and vibrant festivals that define the state.

  • Block Printing: Rajasthan's arid landscape comes alive in the vibrant hues of block-printed fabrics. Itokri's collection of block-printed products echoes the royal grandeur of Rajasthan's palaces and the vibrant festivities of the region. Each block tells a tale of meticulous craftsmanship.

Here is a complete list of different Indian handicraft techniques you'll see on the website.

  • Madhubani Folk Art, Madhubani Paper Mache, Manjusha Folk Art, Sikki Grass Crafts, and Tikuli Art Work from Bihar

  • Baragaon Weaving from Barabanki

  • Bengal's Bengal Kantha Embroidery and Bengal Papier Mache.

  • Chhattisgarh's Bastar Wrought Iron and Tuma Craft.

  • Dhaka's Dhakai Jamdani Weaving.

  • Bandhani Tye & Dye from Kutch & Rajasthan.

  • Goa's Macramé art.

  • Gujarat's Kutch Applique, Kutch Block Prints, Patchwork, Quilted Applique, and Tangaliya Weaving.

  • Himachal's Tibet Craft.

  • Jaipur's famous Blue Pottery, Enamel Work Craft, Jaipur Leather, and Rajasthan Meenakari Work.

  • Jammu & Kashmir's Kashida Embroidery, Willow Wicker Craft, Paper Mache, Kashmir Enamel Work, and Kashmir Leather.

  • Kerala's Mural Art.

  • Kolkata's Kalighat Folk Art.

  • Kutch's Ajrak Block Prints, Copper Bells, Kala Organic Cotton, Kutchi Embroidery, Lacquer, Mashru Weaving, and Rogan Art.

  • Lucknow's famous Chikankari Embroidery.

  • Madhya Pradesh's Bagh Block Prints, Batik Block Prints, Bhil Folk Art, Chanderi Weaving, Godna Folk Art, Gond Folk Art, Maheshwari Weaving, and Nandana Block Prints.

  • Maharashtra's Bobblehead Toys.

  • Manipur's Manipuri Weaving.

  • Midnapur's Madur Grass.

  • Mumbai's Jute Weaving.

  • Nagpur's Bomkai Weaving.

  • Odisha's Pattachitra Folk Art, Pipili Applique, and Sambalpuri Ikat.

  • Pondicherry's Wire Craft.

  • Prayagraj's Moonj Grass Weaving.

  • Punjab's Phulkari Embroidery.

  • Rajasthan's Akola Block Prints, Bagru Dabu Block Prints, Barmer Applique, Ele Poo Paper, Kavad Katha, Kota Doria Weaving, Leheriya Tye & Dye, Miniature Folk Art, Patwa Thread Work, Phad Folk Art, Pipad Block Printing, Rajasthan Kantha Work, Sanganeri Block Prints, Shibori Tie & Dye, Sujani Embroidery, and Tarkashi.

Indian handicraft: Patwa Threadwork Anklet
Patwa Thread and Gungroo work Anklet
  • Saharanpur's Wood Carving.

  • South India's Coconut Shell Craft.

  • Tamil Nadu's Jacquard and Kanchipuram Weaving.

  • Telangana presents Pochampally Ikat and Narayanpet Weaving.

  • Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor Weaving and Patti Kaam Applique.

  • Uttarakhand's renowned Aipan Folk Art, Hand Knitted Woolens, Uttarakhand Kantha Work,

  • Banarasi Weaving from Varanasi.

  • Vrindavan's Sanjhi Art.

  • West Bengal's Begumpuri Weaving, Bengal Jamdani Weaving, Paper Quilling, Patua Folk Art, Sabai Grass Weaving, Shantiniketan Leather, and Sitalpati.

Indian textiles and handicraft
Clockwise: Patwa threadwork, Sanganeri print, Madhubani handpainting, Bishnupur handpainted terracotta, Pochampally Ikat

Crafting Journeys: Bridging Art and Travel

The connection between Itokri and India's regional heritage is a testament to the interconnectedness of India's diverse cultural landscape. As travellers who love exploring India and its rich culture, we found solace in the fact that we have one place where we can find something from almost every region. It's like a one-stop souvenir shop. The authenticity, the details, the hand-stitched patterns, the brush strokes of ancient art forms, and the stories woven into every creation on Itokri make it all the more alluring. Here's a list of categories you can shop for on the website:

  • Unstitched Fabrics for Clothing: Authentic & Largest Collection of Handmade Fabrics

  • Clothing: Traditional Handcrafted Collection of Clothing for Men & Women

Indian textiles
Pants: Sanganeri Print on Cotton

Indian textiles
Top: Pochampally Ikat Cotton
  • Winter Wear Woolens from Uttarakhand

  • Handmade Cotton Face Masks in various regional prints

  • Home & Kitchen: Handmade Curation of home products like bedsheets, bedcovers, rugs and a lot more

  • Personal Care Products: Traditional Natural and eco-friendly bath and body products

  • Jewelry I Accessories I Bags: Curated Authentic Handcrafted Products

Indian handicraft
Accessories: Sanganeri print hair tie, Bishnupur handpainted terracotta studs, Pochampally Ikat face mask
  • Stationery & Toys: Exclusively Handmade products

  • Gifts for all occasions and everyone

Indian handicraft notepad
Gond Folk art notepad - Gajoba

Why purchase Indian handicrafts?

  • Local connection: When you purchase a Phulkari product, you're not just acquiring a beautiful piece of art; you're investing in the cultural legacy of Punjab. You're also acquiring a prized possession that will bring along the memories and nostalgia of your travels in that region. Lastly, you're directly supporting the local artisans and their economy, thereby encouraging them to keep going for generations.

  • Artisan encounters: Exploring these products is like meeting the artisans in person. It's a virtual encounter with the skilled hands that breathe life into these creations. This also reminds us that we must make an earnest attempt to attend these art workshops during our travels so that we can witness the magic unfold in front of us and interact with the gatekeepers of these traditions.

  • Cultural immersion: Whether it's the vibrant hues of Madhubani or the earthy tones of Pattachitra, each of these art forms represents the true cultural diversity in India and encapsulates the essence of each region. These also encourage travellers like us to go beyond the tourist spots and truly absorb the local flavours thereby inculcating cultural immersion.

Indian handicraft
Sanganeri print on hair tie & Bishnupur handpainting on terracotta earrings
  • Sustainability in travel and craft: Just as Itokri champions sustainable and ethical practices in craftsmanship, it reminds us to be responsible and sustainable in travel too. Together, we can contribute to the preservation of India's cultural heritage and the beautiful landscapes that inspire these crafts.

Where Indian Handicraft, Art and Travel Unite

In this harmonious collaboration with Itokri, we discovered the magic that happens when art and travel intertwine. Each product on the website is a testament to the resilience of India's age-old traditions. Similarly, each of our travel recommendations on this blog is an invitation to explore these traditions and the landscapes that inspire them, firsthand. We hope you enjoy navigating the digital aisles of Itokri, just like we have. Let it remind you of the distant mountain echos, the scent of spices wafting through bustling markets, and the kaleidoscope of colours that define India. Let the craftsmanship on Itokri be an inspiration for your next travel adventure.

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