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Fisherman Village: A Resort Getaway Near Mumbai

Being #weekendtravelers, we always keep an eye out for places we can visit nearby which are offbeat and provide us with that relaxation we need. Just like that, we chanced upon this scenic resort property in Kelwa, Palghar - The Fisherman Village. This one-of-a-kind resort has a great lakeside location, complete with cottages overlooking the lake. One can also take part in activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming. The in-house restaurant, Fisher Bar, serves lip-smacking food all day, especially their seafood is to die for!

All good ingredients for a perfect #weekendgetaway right? Well, let's dive right in and know more about this gorgeous resort getaway near Mumbai.

How to reach this resort near Mumbai?

The Fisherman Village Resort is located in Kelve, Palghar, which is about a 2 hours drive away from Mumbai. You can come via road if you have a self-drive vehicle. The roads leading here are in pretty excellent condition. You'll also come across a mini-ghat and driving through those twists and turns is an adventure in itself. You could also reach here via western railway. Board a train going towards Dahanu and get down at Kelve Road station and take a shared auto to the resort.

Scenic road leading to Fisherman Village Kelva
Scenic road leading to the resort


According to your group size and needs, there are multiple types of accommodations available at this property at quite reasonable rates. You could also opt for a day-picnic if short on time, but trust us, just a day's time won't be enough. So look to stay at least a night here.

1) Lakeside Rooms (Up to 5 persons)

2) Poolside Rooms (for triple occupancy)

3) Boat House (Up to 10 persons)

4) Lakeside Cottages (Up to 5 persons)

5) AC Luxury Rooms (For couples)

Each of these eco-friendly rooms is complete with air-conditioning and has accents of fine deodar wood, The rooms offer spectacular views of the lake.

Rooms at Fisherman Village Kelve
Our cosy room with wooden furnishing!


The entire property is massive and scenic. You can see that a lot of thought process has gone into designing specific areas for guests so that they can take maximum advantage of their stay here. Other than the different types of rooms, the property also houses a lake for activities like fishing, kayaking, and paddle-boating. There's a huge swimming pool for swimming enthusiasts. There's also a designated children's play area for kids to ramble. You will also come across many open spaces by the lake where you could just put down some chairs and sit gazing into the beautiful surrounding. Hammocks, swings, etc. are also available to help you relax max!

Various pictures of the fisherman village property in kelve palghar
This beautiful property - Fisherman Village


You can enjoy a host of activities with your loved ones at this resort. There is something for every age group.

1) Swimming - Swim to your heart's content in the vast swimming pool. It was super clean and enormous. They take special care to keep the pool hygienic at all times. Book the pool rooms for better access.

Swimming at the massive pool at Fisherman Village Kelve Palghar
Swimming under the moonlight in the massive pool :)

2) Fishing - We tried fishing for the first time and it was so much fun. Though we didn't get a catch (alas) but just holding that rod and waiting for those fishies taught us a thing or two about patience for sure! Haha.

Fishing at the Fisherman Village Kelve Palghar
Patience put to test!

3) Paddle-Boating - All those leg days in the gym will be put to test here. But on a serious note, it was immensely enjoyable. The lake is so enormous and serene, you wouldn't want to leave the boat.

Paddle Boating at Fisherman Village Kelve Palghar
Paddle-Boating fun

4) Kayaking - We didn't do this as we were short on time. But yes, there are Kayaks available and you can indulge.

5) Laze around on the Hammocks - Sometimes the best thing to do on a vacation is do nothing! Just laze around the many open spaces or hammocks and just soak in the whole vibe of this beautiful place.

Hammocks at the Fisherman Village Palghar
Just relax amidst nature :)

6) Indoor Games - You can also enjoy a plethora of indoor games available at the property.


The in-house restaurant Fresh Catch dishes out mouth-watering food for the guests. If you are a sea-food lover, you will be in for a treat! The owner's mother runs the kitchen, so you can be rest assured of the quality and taste. We loved every single dish we ordered here. We highly recommend you try the prawns at the restaurant, so fresh and super tasty!

Food at the Fisherman Village Palghar
Lip-Smacking goodness at Fresh Catch - the inhouse restaurant.

Places to Visit Nearby

Well, there are quite many places you can visit nearby. Stating from the Kelve beach which is just 4 km away. It is a beautiful beach with a fort which you can visit too. Speaking of forts, there are few other forts in the vicinity too - Shirgaon Fort, Bhavangad Fort, and Kelva Pankot. You could also visit the Kelve Dam and a few prominent temples nearby.

kelve Beach pictures Palghar
Picturesque Kelve Beach just mins away from the resort


#BZeeApprove obviously! This is one relaxing property. With so many activities to do, there is never a dull moment at this resort. What's best is you don't have to pay extra for these activities. They are all included in your tariff. If this doesn't look like a perfect weekend getaway, we don't know what does! Let us know if you like this recommendation, and whether you would visit it.

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